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Your core IP effects daily business functions
Core IP integrates with all sorts of business func
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Our mission is to help our customers, from individual inventors to large companies, develop cost-effective, customized strategies to protect valuable ideas. From prosecution to enforcement policies, we help you leverage value from your intellectual property assets.

To accomplish this goal we work hard to understand your business. We work personally with your team, and give you more attention than a large firm, without the large costs.  We do this because understanding our customer is one of the keys to providing you good counseling, sound business advice, and the quality service you should expect.

As each customer is different, so are the services they might require. This graphic displays how your core Intellectual Property (IP) assets, in areas including Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks (see Types of IP), are involved in a wide variety of your daily business activities.

We can help you protect these assets.  We specialize in providing prosecution services for  your patent, trademark, and copyright applications on a reasonable fee schedule. We can help you with protecting your trade secrets as well, by suggesting a wide range of security measures and policies that help maintain secrecy.  As part of our value added services we provide assistance in devising an overall IP asset development strategy for each particular case. We provide experience, dedication and a full range of asset development services as our core legal services. From helping you in branding your product line, to patent due diligence, to protecting your copyrights in subcontracts for building that new enterprise software product, Tangent Law Group's core services can help you protect the valuable Intellectual Property assets at the heart of your business.

We also offer strategy and counseling services for very reasonable fees. We can help your small company develop the same policies and procedures utilized by Fortune 50 companies. These insdustry best practices can be employed to provide you an advantage over your competition.  They can yield additional valuable assets and help protect your market position and improve your ability to respond to market demands. Moreover, we can help counsel you with valuable insights on making decisions and choosing directions to take regarding these assets.

We can help you look at the big picture, by assisting in implementing this plan and going beyond simply the assets you have already developed to look at your entire knowledge base. We work with your key personnel to develop your IP through close and collaborative relationships. We can assist you  in developing and implementing a customized plan to leverage all of your knowledge capital.

Our additional strategy and counseling services can help prevent loss of potentially valuable business assets, avoid litigation, and help you identify and retain key personnel. In addition, our value added analytical services in economic valuation of intellectual properties can help you make better business decisions in R&D and assist in program management and cost over time analysis. Thus, you obtain a maximum impact on your bottom line for your investment in using our services.

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So whether you are looking for someone to prosecute a patent or if you need help in establishing policies and procedures for your R&D group, or just need advice on your first product, look to the professionals of Tangent Law Group for your needs.

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