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Intellectual Property Links

United States IP Links

Worldwide IP Links

  • WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization Web Site.
  • EPO - The European Patent Office Web Site, including European patent law news, and information about the process of obtaining European patents.
  • JPO - The Japanese Patent Office Web Site.
  • AIPO - Australian Industrial Property Organization Web Site.
  • CIPO - Canadian Intellectual Property Office Web Site.
  • Other International Patent Offices - USPTO Index of Other National PTO web sites.

Online IP Search Resources




  • USPTO Trademark Database - Trademark Office Online Search Database Web Site.
  • TBMP - Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure Web Site.

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Online Legal Statutes & Regulations Relating to Intellectual Property

  • U.S. Patent Laws - The Patent Law Section of the US Code (Section 35 USC) @ cornell.edu Web Site.
  • U.S. Copyright Laws - The Copyright Law Section of the US Code (Section 17 USC) @ cornell.edu Web Site.
  • U.S. Trademark Laws - The Trademark Law Section of the US Code ("Lanham Act," Section 15 USC) @ cornell.edu Web Site.
  • GPO Access - Government Printing Office Database @ ucsd.edu Web Site, including the Federal Register, the Congressional Record, Congressional Bills, United States Code, Economic Indicators, and GAO Reports.
  • C.F.R. - The Code of Federal Regulations Web Site (Section 37 relates to Patents).
  • Federal Register - The Federal Register Web Site.

Technical Professional Associations

  • ACM -The Association for Computing Machinery Web site.
  • ACS -The American Chemical Society Web site.
  • ASME -The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Web site.
  • IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Web site, including publications and membership information.

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